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Shopping for healthcare could save you thousands of dollars.

HealthCost provides rate, location and reputation transparency so you have the freedom to choose and, soon, lock in your rate in advance.

How to Shop

It's simple, start your search, compare costs and buy the services you need.

Step 1: Search

Search for your condition and enter your geographic location. You can also search for a specific healthcare provider if you prefer.

Step 2: Review

HealthCost will display all providers in that area, along with transparent pricing, location, and consumer reviews.

Step 3: Choose

After comparing, choose a provider and lock in a rate. No more surprise bills!

Step 4: Contact

If the provider is part of the HealthCost network you will be contacted to set up an appointment at the agreed upon cost. IF THE PROVIDER YOU PREFER HAS NOT JOINED HEALTHCOST YET, we provide the ability to send him or her a message so you can request a rate.

Search Tips

We believe in the freedom that comes with choice. Our search tool offers a transparent glimpse of your healthcare options and, coming soon, the ability to lock in your rate – before ever stepping foot into the waiting room. Proactive healthcare management made simple. LEARN MORE

Shopping Guide

We make accessing healthcare easy. Choose any provider at any location, no matter whether you are insured, uninsured, paying out-of-network or have a high deductible. HealthCost provides the facts and gives you the freedom to choose options that work best for you. No hidden agendas or surprises. LEARN MORE